Labour History No. 126 – May 2024

Working-Class Anti-Colonialism in the Twentieth Century
Padraic Gibson, Sophie Loy-Wilson, Jon Piccini, and Evan Smith

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Padraic Gibson, Sophie Loy-Wilson, Jon Piccini, and Evan Smith

On Looking Back at Who Are Our Enemies? Racism and the Australian Working Class
Ann Curthoys

Socialist Settlers on a Capitalist Frontier: The Contradictions of New Australia, Paraguay
Freg J. Stokes

Communists and the 1933 Campaign That Ended Frontier Massacres in Australia
Padraic Gibson

Solidarity and Dilemmas: Tranby, Indenture and the Nuclear-Free and Independent Pacific Campaigns, 1980s
Heather Goodall

“A Bloody Migrant Who Thinks He Can Run a Union”: The Case of Jerzy Bielski, a Migrant Trade Unionist in 1950s Australia
Ebony Nilsson and Jayne Persian

Democracy for Its Progenitors: The CRDG, YSA and Anti-Fascism in the “Long 1960s”
James Hogg

The 1973 Migrant Workers’ Conference and Histories of Multiculturalism
Alexandra Dellios

Solidarity for the Indonesian Revolution
Adrian Vickers

Anti-Imperialism and International Solidarity in Central Australia 1980–2000
Bob Boughton and Deborah Durnan

The Radical Left and the Movement in Australia against the First Gulf War, 1990–91: Anti-Imperialism at the End of the Cold War
Evan Smith