Labour History Prizes 2023

Ferguson Prize: Best Article on an Interwar Topic/Theme

WINNER: Duncan Hart, “The Proletarian and the Political Challenge of Communism on the Australian Left,” Labour History, no. 123 (November 2022)

Bob Gollan Prize: Best Article by a Post-Graduate Student or Early-Career Academic

WINNER: Henry Reese, “Shopgirls as Consumers: Selling Popular Music in 1920s Australia,” Labour History, no. 121 (November 2021)

Edna Ryan Prize: Best article in Women’s History

WINNER: Hannah Viney, “‘Temper Discipline with Kindness’: Female Officers at the Old Melbourne Gaol and City Watch House, 1845–1935,” Labour History, no. 123 (November 2022)

WINNER: Freya Willis, “‘Don’t Be Too Polite Girls’: Gender Hierarchies and Women’s Leadership in the Meatworkers’ Union in the 1970s,” Labour History, no. 123 (November 2022)

GW Ford Award: Best Article on the Experience of Workers

WINNER: Jude Conway, Nancy Cushing and Josephine May, “Obstacle Course: Women’s Entry into Skilled Positions in the Newcastle Steel Industry, 1980–2000,” Labour History, no. 122 (May 2022)

ASSLH/Unions NSW Prize in Labour History: Best Article Overall

WINNER: Hannah Forsyth and Michael P. R. Pearson, “Engineers and Social Engineering: Professional/Trade Unions and Social Mobility” Labour History, no. 120 (May 2021)

Michael Pearson and Hannah Forsyth receiving their prizes from Rae Frances and Diane Kirkby
(Photo by Julie Kimber)