Radical Currents, Labour Histories –– No. 1 Autumn 2022

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Radical Currents, Labour Histories is published by the Australian Society for the Study of Labour History (ASSLH). ISSN: 2653-4568

Copyright rests with the authors. Reproduction with permission from the authors and the ASSLH. All attempts have been made to attain copyright from image holders. https://www.labourhistory.org.au 

National Editors: Julie Kimber & Diane Kirkby

Regional Editors: Danny Blackman, Ken Bridge, Phillip Deery, Charlie Fox, Chris Monnox, Dean Wharton

ASSLH Logo: Sam Wallman; Radical Currents, Labour Histories Logo: Kira Brown/Sauce Design; Layout/Design: Radical Content; Printed in Melbourne Australia by Sustainable Printing Co.  

Issue No. 1 was published with the support of the Melbourne Convention Bureau and Business Events Victoria.