Papers in Labour History

Papers in Labour History is the publication of the Perth Branch. Archives of issues no. 1 – no. 28 are available here for download.

Papers in Labour History no. 1 (January 1988)

  • Bill Latter, Dr William Somerville – A Life Spent in the Cause of Social Justice
  • Joan Williams, Writing Labour History in Western Australia: My Experience with The First Furrow
  • Harold Peden, The Sack
  • Lloyd Davies, “Protecting Natives?”: The Law and the 1946 Aboriginal Pastoral Workers’ Strike
  • Warwick Claydon, Labour Legislation in Western Australia 1892-1902: Its History and Ideological Perspectives
  • Peter McDonald, Ideology and Theories of the Labour Movement

Papers in Labour History no. 2 (October 1988)

  • Naomi Segal, The 1981 “Education Cuts” Dispute in Western Australia
  • Vic Williams, Why I am a Communist and a Poet
  • Margaret Rear, My Experience of the WA Branch of the FMWU
  • Fiona McLean, Retirement Provisions for WA Nurses
  • Stuart Reid, Ted Thompson’s Story
  • Tony Beech, The Relevance of Labour History
  • Larry Graham, The 1987 Robe River Dispute
  • Harold Peden, The 1971 Metal Trades Dispute
  • Dennis Day, Noonkambah 1978
  • TLC, Oral History Project
  • TLC, Organise …: a Visual Record
  • Michael Hess, WA Branch, Federated Miscellaneous Workers Union
  • Peter McDonald, WA Branch, Australian Social Welfare Union
  • Vic Williams, Life of Monty Miller
  • Phil Thompson, Paddy

Papers in Labour History no. 3 (May 1989)

  • Michael Hess, Australian-Canadian Labour History Conference
  • Les Young, The Establishment of the West Australian Locomotive Engine Drivers’, Firemen and Cleaners’ Union
  • Owen Salmon, The 1969 Kwinana Metal Trades Construction Agreement
  • Michael Hess, The Pilbara Pastoral Workers’ Uprising of 1946
  • Don Cooley, Memories of My Life as a Trade Union Official
  • Stuart Reid, The Trades and Labour Council’s Oral History Project
  • Madge Cope, Recollections of the Union of Australian Women in Western Australia
  • Doreen McCarthy, Review, Victoria Hobbs, But Westward Look! Nursing in Western Australia 1829-1979, Perth, UWA Press, 1989
  • W.S. Latter, Review, Lenore Layman and Julian Goddard, Organise! Labour: A Visual Record, Perth TLC. 1988
  • Duncan Cameron, Review, Vic Williams (ed), Eureka and Beyond: Monty Miller, his own story, Perth, Lone Hand Press, 1988
  • W.S. Latter, The 1911 Miners Strike at Collie Burn

Papers in Labour History no. 4 (November 1989)

  • Gil Barr’s Story
  • Doreen McCarthy, Harry Gray MLC – A Man of the People
  • Bill Latter, The Stay of the S.S. Papachristidis Vassillios in Fremantle
  • Tony Buti, History of the WAFL Players Association
  • Laurie Burns, History of the Disabled Workers’ Union of Western Australia
  • Mark Nolan, The Ambulance Services Union: Its Formation and Amalgamation with the Federated Miscellaneous Workers Union
  • Helen Creed, Review, Penelope Hetherington (ed), Childhood and Society in Western Australia, Perth, UWA Press, 1988
  • Lloyd Davies, Review, Arthur Bickerton, Meet the People, Fremantle, Fremantle Arts Centre Press, 1989
  • Phillis Magnussen, Review, Norma King, Daughters of Midas – Pioneer Women of the Eastern Goldfields, Perth Hesperian Press, 1988

Papers in Labour History no. 5 (April 1990)

  • Bobbie Oliver, “For Only by the OBU Shall Workmen’s Wrongs be Righted”. A Study of the One Big Union Movement in Western Australia, 1919 to 1922
  • Gil Barr’s Story, Part 2
  • Peter J. Mc Gann, ‘Malays’ as Indentured Labour: Western Australia 1867-1900
  • Laurie Burns, The Safety Bay Picket Line, 1987
  • Joan Brenton Coward, Working on the Permanent Way. Railway Workers in Western Australia, 1905-1925
  • Vic Williams, Eureka Celebrated in Western Australia
  • Sally Kennedy, Review, Michael Hess, From Fragmentation to Unity. A History of the Western Australian Branch of the Federated Miscellaneous Workers’ Union Perth, Federated Miscellaneous Workers’ Union of Australia, 1989

Papers in Labour History no. 6 (November 1990)

  • Andrew Gill, Forced Labour in the West. Parkhurst’ Apprentices’ in Western Australia, 1842-1852
  • Rosa Townsend’s Story. Part 1
  • Janice Gothard, Protecting Labour: Carrie Hall and the Master and Servants Act
  • The Rhythms of Work. Music and Working Life An interview with Christine Evans, T.L.C. Musician in Residence
  • Harold Peden, Unions, Overtime and Wage Struggle. The Metal Trades in Western Australia in the 1950’s and 1960’s
  • Gil Barr’s Story. Part 3

Papers in Labour History no. 7 (May 1991)

  • Leonie Stella, Women’s Police in Western Australia, 1917 – 1943
  • Bill Latter, Adela Pankhurst’s Sojourn in the West
  • Stuart Reid, Powerhouse Lives: Rosa Townsend’s Story, Part 2
  • Rachael Roberts, Aboriginals in the pastoral Industry in Western Australia to 1968: The Nature of Their Exploitation and Resistance
  • Peter Woodward, Music and Labour
  • Duncan Cameron, Review, Malcolm Brooker, Background to the Gulf War, Sydney, Left Book Club
  • Annette Cameron, Review, Audrey Johnson, Bread and Roses, Sydney, Left Book Club
  • A Labour History Museum
  • Andrew Gill, Parkhurst ‘Apprentices” in Western Australia, 1842-1852: a Note on Sources

Papers in Labour History no. 8 (November 1991)

  • Ray Fells and Stuart Reid, “Tons were the go”: some recollections of work in the early days of the Pilbara iron ore industry
  • Peter McDonald, Getting organised in the 1970s – the experience of the Australian Social Welfare Union
  • Rosina Cristafulli, The Wannaroo Market Gardener: Some Personal Reflections
  • Andrew Gill, Records of WA Goldfields Unions in the WA State Archives
  • Geoff Goodfellow, “I’m a poet…”
  • John Gandini, Goldfields Centenary History Project
  • Carmen Lawrence, Dorothy Tangney Commemoration
  • Liz Lukin, Museums and Communities: an interview with Elspeth King

Papers in Labour History no. 9 (June 1992)

  • Stuart Reid, Bob Hartley 1897 – 1991: A Tribute
  • Stuart Reid, Bob Hartley’s Story (Part one)
  • Brian Pope, Response to Coal Cutting Machines at Collie
  • Brian Willis, From Indispensability to Redundancy. The Afghans in Western Australia 1887 – 1911
  • Peter Gifford, Red Baiting and Purging Radicals: Western Australia and the British Seamen’s Strike of 1925
  • Geoff Harcourt, Circle-men, Untouchables and Seagulls. The Development of a work culture at North Fremantle

Papers in Labour History no. 10 (December 1992)

  • Joan Trappitt-Fox, One Teacher
  • Joan Williams, A Significant Event; Cockburn Sound Women’s Peace Camp: 1-15 December 1984
  • Jane Grimes, Jean Beadle and the Western Australian Women’s Movement, 1905-1942
  • Lloyd Davies, The Sisters Get Organised: The struggle to register the Nurses Union
  • Stuart Reid, Bob Hartley’s Story (Part 2)
  • Bob Hartley, Some Achievements of the Federal Labor Party

Papers in Labour History no. 11 (June 1993)

  • Charlie Fox, Obituary. Harold Peden
  • E. Fells, Award Restructuring- but how did we get our awards in the first place? The development of the award and union structures in the iron ore industry
  • Anne Atkinson, Control and Response: the experience of Chinese indentured labour in colonial Western Australia
  •  Leonie Stella, Wayward Girls: the policing of women in Western Australia between the wars
  •  Tom Scutt, “Kicking Like Hell”. The Industrial Workers of the World in Western Australia
  •  Lauren Godfrey, Communists, Catholics and the Labor Party: Western Australian accounts of the Spanish Civil War

Papers in Labour History no. 12 (December 1993)

  • Jill Milroy and Michael Wright, Telling Our Stories: An Introduction to Aboriginal Labour History
  • Jerry Morrison, Left The Boomerang In The Field  
  • Interview by Narelle Thorne, Bev Port-Louis  
  • Interview by Amanda Bell, Lorna Little  
  • Graeme Dixon, Grandfather Nyoongah
  • Sandra Harben, The Royal Commission on the Condition of Natives in regard to Aboriginal labour in the north of Western Australia in 1904  
  • Interview by Jill Milroy, Jerry Reuben
  • Amanda Bell, An interview with Bill Ethel  
  • Interview by Amanda Bell and Narelle Thorne, Colleen Hayward: The State School Teacher’s Union

Papers in Labour History no. 13 (June 1994)

  • Leonardus F Siewert, “Dung flies from one heap to another”: Fifty years in the painting trade
  •  Brenda Love, Peter Sideris and the Rubble Wallers
  •  Julie Tracy, The Construction Phase of the Pilbara Iron Ore Industry 1965 – 1972: Workers, Their Unions and Organising the Industry
  •  Jim Snooks, Sub-contracting in the Construction Industry in WA: A Former Employer’s View
  •  Janis Bailey, A Woman in Construction: Interview with Angie Svensson
  •  Amanda Watkins, Redevelopment of the Old Swan Brewery Site: A Case Study of the State, Local Capital and Inter Union Politics
  •  Herb Thompson, A Most Colourful Union!: The Builders Labourers Federation in the 1980’s
  •  Jennifer Harrison, The Building Trades Association of Western Australia: A Resource
  •  Joan Williams, Conference Report: Views from the Coal Face and the Grass Roots: Australian Society for the Study of Labour History, National Conference, Newcastle, 25-27 June 1993

Papers in Labour History no. 16 (December 1995)

  • Sandra Harben, “Your most grateful servant Janie Shaw”
  • Ann Delray and Phyl Brown, Sugar and Spice: Women and Work at the Mills and Ware Biscuit Factory
  • Mark Turton, Em Reilly: A Perth Trouper
  • Linley Batterham, The First Ten Years of the Kindergarten Australia: 1962-1972
  • Janis Bailey and Julie Tracy, A Woman in the Pilbara: Interview with Julie Tracy
  • Ann-Claire Larsen, The Infant Health Service: Doctors, Nurses and Regulatory processes
  • Joan Williams, Sweating in the Clothing Industry – Then and Now
  • Shona Zulsdorf, Political Unionism and the TCF Sector
  • Dianne Machado and Alexander Botelho-Machado, Typhoid, Flies and Pond’s Cream: Interview with Nora Johnson
  • Bill Latter, Equal Pay Circa 1968
  • Michael Hess, Book Review, Bill Latter – Blacklegs: The Scottish Colliery Strike of 1911

Papers in Labour History no. 22 (December 1999)

  • Bobbie Oliver, Introduction: A Century of Labor in Western Australia  
  • Ian Monk, Perth’s Trades Hall, 1912 to 1983
  • Simon Ward, The Hawke Government’s Fair Trading Legislation, 1956-59  
  • John Joseph Jones, The Independent Ladies  
  • Carmel Gosper, The Closure of the W AGR Midland Workshops
  • Bill Anderson, On the Waterfront

Papers in Labour History no. 23 (December 2000)

  • Jo Kowalczyk, Back to the Future: A Comparison of the Maritime Disputes of 1890 and 1998
  • Vic Williams, Fourteen Days in the Life of a Poem
  • Patricia Brown, Fremantle Men at Work
  • Mary McGregor, The Chain
  • Simone Northcott, Oral History: The Changing Experience of Work on the Albany Waterfront from the 1960s to Today
  • Madeline Tingey, An Unwonted Exile: A Letter from the Goldfields, June 1897

Papers in Labour History no. 28 (October 2004)

  • Ivan McMillan, Overalls ‘n Boots – Memories of an Apprenticeship at the Workshops
  • Bobbie Oliver, ‘The Peanut King’ and Other Pranks: Exploring working Culture at the Midland Railway Workshops
  • Skye Smith, Indigenous Apprentices at the Workshops
  • Neil McDougall, Transcript of Interview for the Midland Railway Workshops History Project
  • Chris Smyth, Photo Essay
  • Judi Murray, ‘Like an Everlasting Picnic’. Christmas Camps
  • Susan Hall, Car and Wagon Builders at the Midland Railway Workshops