The Hummer No. 2 [October 1983]

Banners Unfurled – First Branch Talk Session

The Labour Movement & Socialism – Mitchell Library Exhibition

Petrov, Evatt and the Secret State – Rupert Lockwood Remembers

Australian Working Class History – Australian Marxist Forum Series

A People’s History of Australia

Extract from The History of Capital Labour (1888) by W.F. Schey

Department of Government: University of Sydney Postgraduate and Honours IV Theses on Labour History

A.L.P. History Projects

Research Projects by Members

Book Notes

Eric Fry (ed): Rebels and Radicals

Issy Wyner: With Banner Unfurled. The Early Years of The Ship Painters And Dockers Union

D J Murphy (ed): The Big Strikes – Queensland 1889-1965

Len Fox: Broad Left – Narrow Left