The Hummer Vol. 4, No. 5 – Summer 2005-6


‘Same Old Dope, Dodging Work’: The Working Class in the Military 1914-1918
Nathan Wise

Jack Fegan, Edna Stack and the Sydney Left in the 1930s:
A Memoir

Brian Fegan

William Burnett: Labour Electoral League Candidate for Patricks Plains (Singleton) 1894
Tony Laffan

A Different View of History: Reflections on Ray Gietzelt’s Worth Fighting For (part 2)
Bob Manser

Correction: A J Sullivan, ‘Retrospect of a Laborer’s Life, 1872 to 1916’

Book Reviews

Frank Cain, Jack Lang and the Great Depression
Sue Tracey

Beverly Symons and Rowan Cahill (eds), A Turbulent Decade: Social Protest Movements and the Labour Movement 1965-1975
Jeff Shaw