The Hummer No. 8 – February/March 1985


Labor Day Oration – 1984

Labour History and the Visual Medium: ‘Strikebound’ and’ Kemira’
Lucy Taksa

Condition of the Waterside Workers in Sydney after the Defeat of the 1890 Strike
Edna Ryan

New Light on the Death of V. Gordon Childe
John Low

Eliot Valens Elliott 1902-1984
Rowan Cahill

How significant was the Clarrie O’Shea Case?
M.E. Heagney

Lenny Lower’s Labours
Drew Cottle

Lord Tennyson to Sir Henry Parkes: re strikes

Readers’ Research Interests
Verity Burgmann, Rowan Cahill, Noelene Kyle, Richard Raxworthy

Book Reviews

Janet McCalman, Struggletown: Public and Private Life in Richmond 1900-1965
John Shields

Len Richardson, The bitter years: Wollongong during the Great Depression
Peter Love