OUT NOW: Labour History, no. 126

Working-Class Anti-Colonialism in the Twentieth Century,
a special issue edited by Padraic Gibson, Sophie Loy-Wilson, Jon Piccini, and Evan Smith.

Almost 50 years ago, Labour History published a special issue on the problem of racism in the Australian labour movement: Who Are Our Enemies? edited by Ann Curthoys and Andrew Markus. With this new special issue, a new generation of historians revisit the question and show how the field has developed in the interim. Nascent themes (transnationalism and internationalism) have grown stronger; settler colonialism has become a distinct field of enquiry; and labour migration (imperial, coerced and/or free) has moved to the forefront of a more globalised approach. Tying all this together is a reflective piece by Ann Curthoys which locates the history of Who Are Our Enemies? and explains how it laid the groundwork for subsequent research.

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